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Mix SRL Atmospheric Dust Filter

Mix SRL Atmospheric Dust Filter

  • Suitable for Pneumatic Transport in Pressure (filter working pressure up to max. 0,1 bar).
  • Jet-Pulse Cleaning by Compressed Air.
  • Bag or cartridge filter elements.
  • Available filter area from 1m² to 130m².
  • Removal of the filter elements (raw gas side) through hinged, lateral inspection hatch.
  • Available diameters from DN350 up to DN1550.
  • Parts in contact with the product in mild steel or stainless steel.

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We currently only ship within Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Due to factors beyond our control, we cannot provide a standard delivery cost. Weight, distance and cost of fuel for couriers and shipment companies will not allow for this.

However, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide and up to date quote fro all products.

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