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Mix SRL Pressure Gauges

Mix SRL Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges for silos are measuring devices that are mounted on the bodies of the silos or containers to measure the pressure and detect any overpressure. Pressure gauges are usually installed on all types of silos and containers to record their internal pressure. These instruments are used for calculating mass flow rates, mass flow curves, and other parameters.

The accuracy of the measured values depends on the gauge design, which is based on accurate measurement principles. The main advantages of using pressure gauges are:

  • A high level of safety because they do not allow any overpressure or under-pressure inside the container.
  • It is possible to determine how much product has been removed from or added to the silo.
  • They allow you to determine how much material has been removed from or added back into a container in terms of mass.
  • Pressure gauges for silos can be used as part of an automated system that controls loading, unloading and filling processes in order to avoid overfilling or under-filling

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